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Mets Player Performance Meter: Pitchers, Week 6

The Mets didn't have a good week, but their pitching staff mostly did.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Mets had a five-game losing streak over the last week before finally winning on Sunday, the team's pitchers were pretty good overall. Their 3.05 ERA over the last seven days was the tenth-best mark in baseball, and their 3.57 FIP came in at twelfth. The staff's biggest flaw was walks, as Mets pitchers issued free passes 5.14 times per nine innings over that span.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Bartolo Colon, RHP There’s nothing particularly great or terrible about seven innings, three runs, which is what Colon did in his start this week.
Jeurys Familia, RHP Familia was downright dominant in four outings this week, and it sounds like Terry Collins might be ready to use him as the team’s closer sooner than later.
Kyle Farnsworth, RHP Despite a 2.70 ERA on the week, Farnsworth walked more hitters than he struck out and
Dillon Gee, RHP Gee settled in okay but got off to a rough start against the Phillies in his lone start of the week. He gave up three runs in six innings and only struck out one.
Gonzalez Germen, RHP He only appeared once and allowed a hit and a walk in one-third of an inning.
Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP So the "Daisuke as high-leverage reliever" experiment didn’t work out too well this week. 18.9 walks per nine? Yama hama, it’s fright night!
Jenrry Mejia, RHP The results weren’t awful (2 runs in 4.2 innings), but Mejia struggled with walks and his pitch count. Still, he clearly has to prove himself a capable starting pitcher in a hurry, as the Mets are considering moving him to the bullpen.
Jon Niese, LHP The veteran lefty was excellent, with a 2.08 ERA, 8.31 K/9, and 1.38 BB/9 in a pair of starts. It seems like he might be flying under the radar a bit, but he’s been the team’s best pitcher so far this year.
Scott Rice, LHP Rice managed a 10.80 ERA and no strikeouts in four appearances. It was not his finest week on the mound.
Carlos Torres, RHP Torres struggled with walks and posted a 5.40 ERA for the week. He’s slowed down a bit over the past couple of weeks after a great start to the season.
Jose Valverde, RHP Everybody’s favorite relief pitcher actually had a 3.00 ERA and 2.75 FIP in three innings. [ducks]
Zack Wheeler, RHP Walks became a bit of a problem for Wheeler by the end of his start, but he struck out seven and allowed no runs on two hits in six innings of work.