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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 68: Montero and Flores are up, and is Terry Collins on his way out?

Mejia to the bullpen? The podcast does not approve.

Run Time: 1:20:30

In the "This isn't 'goodbye,' Josh Satin, just 'until we meet again'" edition, Rob and Jeffrey have lots of important Mets issues to discuss, like if you pronounce it "lawl" Mets or "el-oh-el" Mets. We kick things off with a look at whether or not the field staff deserves to be under fire, or if we should all #BlameSandee. Next, we break down the recent roster shuffling on the Mets. Unsurprisingly, Jeffrey isn't thrilled with the Mejia move to the pen (even after his reverse Ric Flair strut Monday night). Of course there is Shortstop Avenue Audio covering the recent Flores promotion as well. Then, we discuss the Subway Series and whether it has lost some of its luster over the last 15 years. Finally, we wrap things up with your e-mails on David Wright's missing power, our dream moves for the Mets, and whether or not we are with #28.

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