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Mets GIF of the Game: Bartolo Colon applauds Juan Lagares

The veteran pitcher was appreciative of Lagares's outstanding catch.

Mitchell Layton

The Mets broke a long losing streak against the Nationals on Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., thanks in large part to Juan Lagares. On top of a good day at the plate, Lagares robbed Jayson Werth of a home run to begin the bottom of the sixth inning. The catch, which you can see here, kept the Mets ahead by three and saved Bartolo Colon a run.

Colon has gotten off to a disappointing start with the Mets, but he was great this afternoon after struggling in his last start. Of course, he might not have looked quite as good without Lagares's defensive wizardry, and there's no guarantee that he would have finished the start without further damage if Werth had hit a home run. The veteran righty, who always looks like he's just having a good time out there, was apreciative of the catch, and the SNY cameras caught his reaction.