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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 66: The Savannah Sand Gnats and cold bats

Jeffrey getting indignant towards Josh Satin criticism, obscure Ridley Scott film references, and discussion of the Mets shortstop situation: It's everything you have come to expect from Amazin' Avenue Audio!

Run Time: 1:33:04

In the "Josh Edgin, fungible commodity" edition, Jeffrey and Greg consider whether or not the Mets are a good team, and if not, what moves they need to make to get them there in 2014. Also, we weigh in on the latest edition of LOLMets and discuss the relative merits of a third round draft pick. Next, Toby Hyde joins the show to talk about some of the big names down in Savannah and properly pronounces"Gsellman" without needing a media guide. Finally, we wrap up with your e-mails and a mea culpa for overlooking one of the truly elite 80 hair guys in all of baseball history.

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in later this week as Jeffrey talks about the Sand Gnats, and we try to figure out if the Mets are actually good.

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