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Terry Collins says Eric Campbell will see time at second base and shortstop

Are you not amused?

Jim McIsaac

In his postgame press conference, Terry Collins suggested that he is open to the idea of Eric Campbell getting more playing time. Collins, when asked if Campbell could play second base or shortstop, said "why not?" Collins further went on to say that Campbell was receiving training to become the Mets' emergency catcher. Campbell went 1-for-4 at the plate tonight, and started a double play with an excellent outfield grab.

The idea is certainly not crazy, with Daniel Murphy's defense suffering of late and the fact that Wilmer Flores, despite his hitting the ball well, is still a relative unknown. What is known, though, is that Campbell is certainly proving himself to be a more than capable utility player, even after conceding that his numbers will eventually come back down to Earth. He has hit .438/.444/.750 in his first seven major league games, and the Mets, starved for offense all year, would be foolish to not ride a hand as hot as Campbell's.

Here is Campbell's diving catch in the top of the eighth inning: