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Dave Hudgens: "Let the purse strings loose and let Sandy do what he wants"

In an interview this afternoon, erstwhile Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens has a solution to the Mets' problems.

Andy Lyons

Dave Hudgens, who was fired as Mets hitting coach after yesterday's loss to the Pirates, has been making the afternoon rounds on sports talk radio today, appearing on Mike Francesa's and Michael Kay's show in quick succession.

While chatting with Kay, Hudgens said:

"If they want a winner in that town they need to let the purse strings loose and let Sandy do what he wants."

On a day when Hudgens could rightfully have unloaded on the man who canned him a day prior, it's telling that he supported his erstwhile boss and instead criticized the team's small-market payroll and, by direct extension, its financially insolvent ownership.

It's not unfair to judge Alderson on the moves that he has made, but to suggest that he's entirely culpable for the failings of this Mets team would be like giving a heart surgeon a sawzall and some chewing gum and blaming him for a botched triple bypass.

It's difficult to take any criticism of Alderson seriously unless it countenances the notion that maybe limited payroll has played a significant role in the Mets' struggles at the big league level. Sometimes I fantasize about what Alderson might be able to do with a payroll as big as, say, the Brewers'.