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Final Score: Rockies 11, Mets 10—Of course

The Mets led by six early, blew that lead, and still lost by one in the bottom of the ninth.

Doug Pensinger

The Mets dropped their third straight game in Colorado on a walk-off home run in the ninth inning by pinch hitter Charlie Culberson. They had led 6-0 early in the game as Jenrry Mejia cruised through the first four innings, but Mejia gave up eight runs in a terrible fifth inning.

Although the Mets tied the game at eight, fell behind 9-8, tied it again, and retook the lead in the top of the ninth, Kyle Farnsworth came in for the save opportunity and gave up a hit to Troy Tulowitzki and, shortly thereafter, the aforementioned walk-off home run.

GameThread Roll Call

Nice job by Steve Sypa; his effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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