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Mets Morning News: The Mets didn't lose last night!*

Your Tuesday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

*That's, of course, because they didn't play. Hey, at least you Rangers fans...well...but at least we have this:

Terry Collins and David Wright co-hosted a team meeting where they told the team to stay upbeat. They then performed vaudeville and served shrimp cocktail.

Some Mets front office folks talked about the draft, and a bit about their process in choosing players. Anthony Rennecke recounts how the Mets confused Rangers draft pick Jason Hoppe. Silly Mets, always trying to lure draft picks in with cheap tricks.

Greg Prince shows us a moment in the life of Brandon and Alexa, Mets commercial actors or whatever their actual title is.

Daniel Murphy spoke at the White House about fatherhood, and the lack of permanence associated with playing baseball.

Friend of the program Eno Sarris asks whether or not Dave Hudgens was actually a problem. Cough, cough - probably not.

Cesar Puello spoke with Toby Hyde about life in the field, life on the bench, and everywhere in between.

Mike Puma says that Terry Collins seat is extremely hot, but he still feels safe.

Around the NL East

The Braves and Rockies matched up in the thin Colorado air; where Gavin Floyd cruised en route to a 3-1 Braves win.

The Nats traded places with the Mets, as they headed west to San Fransisco. They did what the Mets couldn't, however, by beating the Giants 9-2.

Around the Majors

The Pirates are preparing to call up Gregory Polanco for real, after feigning the move last week to expose an internal leak.

On Sunday, Mike Trout crushed a grand slam which prompted a particularly funny reaction from Chris Sale.

Troy Tulowitzki leads all NL All-Star voting. This is your friendly reminder to vote blindly for Mets players!

Manny Machado apologized for his most recent hissy-fit. In his short Major League career, Machado has managed to win fans over with his electrifying play and also make James K. mad:

Dave Cameron writes about how assigning a role to relief pitchers has proved costly this year. I mean, no one could've predicted the implosions of Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Valverde, right?

Yesterday at AA

Eric Simon gives us the Mets Draft Tracker, with all the necessary information to follow the Mets newest prospects.

Alex Nelson gave us a group of scouting reports: Alex Durham, Erik Manoah, Kelly Seacrest, Connor Buchman

Jeffrey Paternostro wrote about Savannah third baseman Jeff McNeil.

Chris McShane broke out the Player Performance Meters. Pitchers can be found here, and position players here.

If you see a link or story you think would be a great addition to Mets Morning News, drop us a line at our tips address,, and we'll try to add it in!