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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 73: The Mets 2014 draft review

WARNING: Eddie Kunz talk ahoy!

Run Time: 1:10:49

In the "Ya gotta believe in the Mets draft since they aren't picking college relievers anymore" edition, Jeffrey and Alex take a look at the Mets 2014 draft. We try to talk ourselves into Michael Conforto, figure out where he fits on those midseason prospect lists that Jeffrey refuses to do, and wonders what exactly Keith Law was thinking when he declared Conforto the best prospect in the system. Next we bounce around the top 10 picks, wonder if Milton Ramos will ever hit, whether Eudor Garcia-Pacheco is a DH, and if tall pitchers are the new market inefficiency. Then we give our deep sleepers in this draft class and wrap up with an e-mail about best Mets farm system names, which is right up our alley.

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