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Open Thread: Mets vs. Marlins, 6/21/14

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Jacob deGrom makes the start for the Mets as the team hopes to bounce back from a wacky loss on Friday night.

Dilip Vishwanat

Today's Lineups

C. Granderson - RF
Rafael Furcal - 2B

Daniel Murphy - 2B
A. Hechavarria - SS

David Wright - 3B
G. Stanton - RF

Lucas Duda - 1B

Casey McGehee - 3B

Chris Young - CF
J. Saltalamacchia - C

Wilmer Flores - SS

Garrett Jones - 1B
T. Teagarden - C
Marcell Ozuna - LF
Jacob DeGrom - LHP
Jake Marisnick - CF
Eric Young Jr. - LF
Tom Koehler - RHP

Time(EDT) TV Radio
4:10 PM WPIX 710 WOR