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Mets may release Chris Young this week

The frustratingly disappointing outfielder's days with the club may be numbered.

Rich Schultz

Though a month or two later than many fans might have wished, the Mets are said to be seriously contemplating cutting outfielder Chris Young, perhaps as soon as this week. According to ESPN New York:

A team insider acknowledged Chris Young's "days are numbered" with the organization, which is prepared to eat the remainder of this year's $7.25 million salary. The internal debate at this point centers on whether to pull the trigger this week, but it's definitely being seriously weighed

Young, whom the Mets signed to a one-year, $7.25 million contract this past offseason, has been breathtakingly bad at hitting. His batting average has hovered around .200 for most of the year, and his .284 on-base percentage is terrible for a shortstop, let alone for someone who has played predominantly in left field.

In scooping up Young this winter, the Mets were hoping for something of even remote resemblance to the player who hit .247/.336/.436 in 2010-2011 with 47 home runs and 50 stolen bases as a center fielder for the Diamondbacks. What they got was one of the worst offensive players in the league for about the same amount of money that Nelson Cruz, who can't field but can definitely hit, eventually signed for with the Orioles.