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Mets Uniform Review has an orange party in South Beach

The Mets checked out old school jerseys in St. Louis and new school jerseys in Miami last week.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mets vs. Cardinals


Photo credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I can't call myself a fan of the people wearing these uniforms, but these outfits might be the best in all of MLB. They're both simple and flashy. Bright, but not too bright. Old fashioned and modern. No other uniform in baseball manages to combine a team's script and logo so beautifully. The white jersey with no piping is something that's not worn enough these days. The Cardinals and Dodgers use the design, and both teams look awesome on the field.

Mets vs. Marlins


And now for something completely different... I'm sure that these orange Marlins jerseys aren't as universally appealing as St. Louis's uniforms, but they do give the Fish a nice boost of flair when worn at home. Miami's home whites are a bit too conventional to be worn all the time, and we see the black shirts enough on the road, so it's good to see the team wear orange more often in 2014, even if that blue drop shadow is bizarre to say the least.

I just can't get over why the Marlins don't wear their orange hats with these jerseys. We rarely see the alternate headgear, and it doesn't really go with any of the other Miami jerseys, so why not match it with the orange shirts? That idea might make way too much sense for this team.

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles vs. Yankees


Photo credit: Jim McIsaac

Just what do the Yankees think they are doing? Don't they know that Old Timer's Day is a time for old school uniforms? I guess if your team always wears old school jerseys, it has to spruce things up for special occasions. The Yankees accomplished this by wearing another version of the ugly white-brimmed hats they wore against the Mets earlier this season. The Old Timer's Day patch is cool, if a little oversized, but the white brim and the "#OldTimersDay" on the back? Thanks just un-Yankee-like!

Astros vs. Rays


Photo credit: Scott Iskowitz

I'm not normally a fan of faux-back jerseys. If you're team didn't exist in the 1970s, don't wear a 1970s uniform, right? Well, that makes sense and all, but just look how cool these Rays outfits are! They even have matching helmets with lowercase letters! What makes the look so sweet is the subtle ways it defies baseball convention. There's a front panel on the cap that is a color other than white, and there's also pants that are a color other than white or gray. I'd be in favor of more pants experimentation like this, but I wouldn't go too far and make the pants the same dark color as the shirts. That's one mistake that we should leave to the NFL.

By the way, the Astros showed up wearing their 1980s throwbacks, just like they did in Seattle earlier this season, but this time they didn't bring their orange helmets. Maybe they forgot to pack them this time?

Pirates vs. Cubs


Photo credit: Brian Kersey

The Cubs have been wearing a lot of throwbacks this season because of Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop featuring them here. The most recent uniform featured was from 1953, Ernie Banks's rookie season. Not only are the minimalist jersey and pants too plain for my liking, but the colorful hats and socks make them look even plainer. The "Cubs" logo looks as cool as it usually does, but there's just too much white space on the rest of the uniform. It makes you appreciate what the pinstripes do for the team's current look.

The Pirates also participated with throwback jerseys that turned out looking a lot like what the club wears today. The "Pittsburgh" script was arched a little more in 1953 than it is in 2014, and with no numbers on the front or names on the back, these might be even less exciting than the Cubs' set.