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Mets Injury Update: MRI reveals only a bruised shoulder for David Wright

The star third baseman could very well avoid the disabled list.

Rob Foldy

Fear and panic set in for most Mets fans when David Wright was pulled from the lineup with an injury to his left shoulder a couple of days back, but an MRI taken in New York City yesterday revealed no structural damage to it. As a result, Wright will continue to rest while taking anti-inflammatories, and he'll be re-examined on Monday.

Wright had gotten off to a slow start this season, but after suffering the injury roughly three weeks ago, he played through the pain and kept the injury to himself. While he hasn't had a great month of June, Wright was definitely on a hot streak before the injury became too much to bear. Over his last nine games before the injury flared up again, he hit .400/.405/.743. For the season, he still has just a .277/.333/.396 slash line, but a few more weeks like the one he had would get his numbers closer to his career norms.