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Open Thread: 2014 MLB Draft, Day 2

The Mets took outfielder Michael Conforto in the first round and have eight more picks today.

Rich Schultz

Today is Day 2 of the amateur draft, with rounds three through ten taking place beginning at 1:00 PM EDT. Last night, the Mets picked outfielder Michael Conforto out of Oregon State with the tenth overall pick in the draft. You can read more about him in my full scouting report from last night, but here's a taste:

They could have picked from a very strong pitching class by grabbing either Sean Newcomb or Touki Toussaint, but instead the Mets selected perhaps the best college hitter in the class. As a pure bat, Conforto has the most present value. However, despite that, his ceiling isn’t as high as some other players who were available, and Conforto is unlikely to play any position other than left field as a pro, putting a lot of pressure on his bat to produce.

The Mets have the tenth pick in each round from here on out, beginning with the 84th overall pick in the third round today. For some basics on the draft, check out our primer from yesterday. We also reviewed the Mets' drafts thus far under Sandy Alderson.