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2014 Mets Draft Scouting Report: 3B Eudor Garcia

With their fourth-round selected, the Mets picked a third baseman from the Texas junior college ranks by the name of Eudor Garcia. While he doesn't project as a third baseman in the pros, it is apparent that the sophomore can mash, batting .460 at El Paso.

I found the Mets’ selection of Junior College outfielder Eudor Garcia in the fourth round interesting, largely because he profiles very similarly to first-round pick Michael Conforto. And all it would take is a glance at him to figure out why.

Garcia stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds, so you know right off the bat that he’s going to be limited to a corner position. Guys who project to play up the middle usually have more graceful frames, whereas Garcia is stocky and powerful. And while he’s athletic for a man his size, we shouldn’t fool ourselves here: though he currently plays third base at El Paso Community College, as a professional he’s likely to be a corner outfielder or a first baseman, even if the Mets have said they think he’ll stick at third. His hands and actions are fine, but the scouts’ assessments suggest his arm is below average and his range iffy due to below average speed, so it appears more and more that Garcia is destined for left field or first base. I’m optimistic that he’ll have enough range for left field, thanks to that surprising athleticism, but there will be pressure on his bat to force him into lineups.

And the good news is that his bat should force him into lineups. I love the approach at the plate: he’s quiet, and he’s shown a willingness to wait for a pitch he can drive. He keeps his lower body still and his feet slightly open until the pitch arrives, then he draws his hands up and back slightly and times himself with a very moderate leg kick before swinging. He transfers his weight efficiently, keeps himself balanced throughout, and follows through cleanly. It’s a beautiful left-handed swing. I have no problem seeing him as a guy who can hit for average and power, a .280, 20-homer guy, and he certainly mashed at El Paso, batting .460 with 14 home runs, albeit against some lighter competition.

I am still worried about his lack of a position--in the end, he may just be a designated hitter--as well as the lack of a track record--he wasn’t really on scouts’ radars before 2014--but the bat offers plenty of potential. Garcia is frankly one of my favorite hitters in this year’s draft class. He’s also very signable. Every indication I’ve heard points to him looking to sign, especially since the Mets won’t be fighting a big-name commitment; Garcia has a scholarship to Prairie View A&M lined up, which shouldn’t be hard to outbid.