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Mets sign first-round pick Michael Conforto (really!)

Now that he's signed, the Mets hope the draft's top hitter can skyrocket through their system.


The Mets have signed first-round pick Michael Conforto, a left-handed hitting outfielder from Oregon State, according to Jon Heyman. It had been reported for some time that the financials of the deal had been agreed upon but there were a couple of "sticky language issues" that were holding it up. Heyman also hears that the agreed-upon bonus will be about $2.97 million.

According to many scouts, Conforto is arguably the best and most polished hitter coming out of the 2014 draft, one who could rise quickly through the Mets' farm system. While it is wishful thinking to compare Conforto to the previous draft's most polished hitter, Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, it remains possible that Conforto could follow a similar path throughout the minor leagues, depending on how he hits. If Conforto can properly adjust to the pitching throughout the minors, and the Mets choose to follow an aggressive approach with Conforto, it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could find himself in Double-A by the beginning of 2015.

Conforto is the first college first-rounder selected by Sandy Alderson's front office. After taking three straight high school position players, the selection of a college player who could make it to the majors fairly quickly and specifically help a position of need could signal a change in the organization's philosophy, in that they are now moving past the rebuilding phase and moving towards a win-now phase. While Conforto is seen as below-average in the outfield, his bat is what the Mets are counting on and is the main reason why they drafted him.