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St. Lucie Mets: Trade in your LeBron James Heat jersey for a season ticket

Do you have a spare LeBron James jersey and like minor league baseball?

Chris McShane

If you happen to live in Florida and enjoy Mets minor league games, the High-A St. Lucie Mets have a pretty good offer: Trade in your LeBron James Miami Heat jersey or shirt jersey—you may have heard that the superstar has left Miami to return to Cleveland—and you'll receive a season ticket to each of the team's remaining home games.

As the St. Lucie Mets point out on their website, the team has 25 remaining home games this year. Their current roster features a few notable Mets minor league players, the best-known of which is 20-year-old Gavin Cecchini, the Mets' first-round draft pick in 2012.

Even if you didn't already have either of the qualifying LeBron James items, it probably wouldn't be hard to acquire one on the cheap just to trade in for the promotion. While minor league baseball tickets are cheap, it's hard to imagine finding a better deal on admission to a ballpark than this one.