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Julio Franco says signing with Mets was the biggest mistake of his life

The former major league infielder now regrets signing with the Mets.

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At the age of 55, Julio Franco is still going strong. Even after 23 seasons in the big leagues, Franco is not ready to call it a career. He is, in fact, still going to the ballpark every day, as an infielder/designated hitter for the Fort Worth Cats of the United Baseball League. Folks at VICE Sports recently caught up with Franco for an exclusive interview, in which he said it was the biggest mistake of his life playing for the Mets.

"Bobby Cox knew how to use me. I went to New York and sometimes I spent a month on the bench without an at-bat," he said.

"At my age, you bring me in the ninth inning and think I'm going to drive in the winning run? And you were sitting me on the bench for 20 days, 15 days, 30 games without an at-bat? It's not gonna happen."

In the interview, Franco also talks about his love for the game, his major league career, the chemistry among teammates, and why he still wants to be around baseball.

"Why stop doing something you love? Why go home? Do you know how many people want to play baseball in this world? Why quit?"