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Mets sign shortstop Edgardo Fermin out of Venezuela

The second of New York's international free agent signings to be reported is also a Venezuelan shortstop.


With MLB's international free agent signing period opening today, two Mets acquisitions are already being reported. The first was that of 16-year-old shortstop Yoel Romero. The second is of Edgardo Vermin, who is also a 16-year-old shortstop. Both players were signed out of Venezuela, the same country that middle infield project Wilmer Flores calls home.

At six feet tall and just 145 pounds, Vermin is reportedly smaller than Romero, and he'll certainly have to put on some muscle as he grows older. According to Baseball America, Vermin, a right-handed hitter, already shows decent power for someone of his stature, although I'm not sure how exciting such a small player can be when he sports "below-average" speed.

After inking Vermin for $250,000, the Mets now have a pair of shortstop projects in their system. Hopefully by the time they reach maturity, our reaction will be less "please save us from mediocrity" and more "Alright! More awesome players for our already awesome team!"

2022 can't come soon enough.