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Mets Mind Boggler: .400 on-base percentage seasons

Can you name the Mets players who have put together at least one single season with a .400 OBP?


Inspired by a certain player who played for both the New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners, here's a very quick challenge for you: Can you name all of the Mets' hitters who have posted at least one season—qualified for the batting title—with a .400 or better on-base percentage?

Of course, .400 is most famously associated with a seemingly unattainable batting average. But when it comes to on-base percentage, it's never been anything to sneeze at. Just seven hitters in Mets history have matched or beaten that mark while qualifying for the batting title. Given the relative ease of this challenge, you have just one minute to complete it.

Can you name the seven Mets who have had at least one .400 on-base percentage season?

As always, you need only type the player's last name to answer each slot in the Sporcle quiz. And you're encouraged to come back here and share your score and time in the comments! And if you're mentioning any of the players you missed, you can hide their names in your comments by highlighting them and clicking on the spoiler text tool.