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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 78: Live at Foley's

Live from New York, it's Saturday afternoon Mets talk!

Russell Warshay

Run Time: 1:43:12

In the "Live at Foley's" edition, Jeffrey and Chris drink beer and complain about the Mets. That's not unusual. What is unusual is we do it in the same room. We preview the Mets second half: Can the Mets make the playoffs? Who might surprise in the second half? And why is Julio Franco upset that the Mets gave him millions of dollars (that part, strictly speaking, is not a second half preview). Next, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus joins the show to talk non-Dominican Mets prospects and the transcendental experience of watching Joey Gallo take BP. Then, we answer the live audiences questions, and Jeffrey completely wanders off during a discussion of Allan Dykstra's bat speed. And we wrap things up by giving away some bobbleheads with apparently way too esoteric podcast trivia.

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