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Mets Trade Rumors: Giants interested in Bartolo Colon

The Giants are looking for a potential Matt Cain replacement. Can Colon be that guy?

Please keep him in the National League...
Please keep him in the National League...
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Sandy Alderson and Brian Sabean got involved in a trade deadline move, it worked out alright for the Mets. Although to be fair, Alderson did make amends for a few months later by essentially handing Sabean Angel Pagan for free. The two general managers may be at it again this year, as the Giants are reportedly expressing interest in acquiring the service of Bartolo Colon from the Mets.

Having Daisuke Matsuzaka always at the ready and Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero waiting in the wings, it's no surprise that the Mets are actively shopping Colon. With Matt Cain landing on the disabled list yesterday with an elbow injury and no expected return date, the Giants have emerged to be a potential suitor for the 41-year-old right-hander. Even though Colon doesn't quite offer what Cain does as a power pitcher, his dependable innings may be exactly what the Giants need heading into the pennant race.

As pointed out in Colon's trade profile earlier today, it's unlikely that moving him will net the Mets a high-profile prospect. The Giants' middle-of-the-pack farm system boasts impressive depth in terms of pitching prospects, but not much when it comes to position players, except for Andrew Susac, a player the Mets are unlikely to get back for Colon anyway.