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Mets trade rumors: Troy Tulowitzki could cost the Mets Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero, Dominic Smith, and more

If the Mets really want the superstar shortstop they should be prepared to pay dearly for him.

Rob Carr

On the SNY postgame show following last night's Mets come-from-behind 3-2 win over the Brewers, former Mets GM Jim Duquette opined on the organization's interest in Colorado Rockies superstar shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and star outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Either player would represent a significant upgrade over what the Mets currently have at those positions, but the suspected cost for acquiring either player would be considerable.

Regarding Tulowitzki, Duquette speculated that any deal with the Mets would begin with Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero, and Dominic Smith, and at least one other player would have to be added to that formidable package. We don't know if Duquette is basing this conjecture on conversations he has had with Mets officials, Rockies officials, executives from other teams, or just his own experience, but he clearly thinks the Mets—or any team interested in Tulowitzki—will have to pay a hefty sum to land the four-time All-Star.

Tulowitzki will be 30 in October and has averaged just 120 games played over the past seven seasons (2007-2013). He is making $16 million this season, but his salary jumps to $20 million a year in 2015 and will remain at that mark through 2019, after which it dips to $14 million in 2020 (Tulowitzki will be 35). The Rockies have a team option at $15 million for 2021 with a $4 million buyout.

Good offense is hard to find at shortstop, and great offense is exceedingly rare. If Duquette is on the mark with respect to the type and quantity of players the Rockies will be asking for, is this a gamble the Mets should be considering?