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Thursblot: A name for Noah Syndergaard's eventual major league debut

Last year we had Super Tuesday, this year we have Thursblot.

Noah Syndergaard delivers a pitch at the 2013 Futures Game at Citi Field
Noah Syndergaard delivers a pitch at the 2013 Futures Game at Citi Field
Michael Donato

The promotion of top prospects, especially pitching prospects, is always met with lots of fanfare. Last year Zack Wheeler debuted in a doubleheader that also featured previous top prospect Matt Harvey pitching. The joy of watching the two young pitchers pitch on the same day was dubbed Super Tuesday and was a great day to be a Mets fan.

This season it's top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard that we're waiting for. We don't know yet when he'll make his major league debut—we've heard everything ranging from that his possibly being on the Opening Day roster to perhaps not making his debut this year at all given some of his struggles in Triple-A Las Vegas. He has a 5.24 ERA in Las Vegas, but two of his last three starts have been good. In fact, Sean Cunningham makes the case that we should ignore his ERA. Using the way the Mets have handled pitching prospects previously as a guide, it seems unlikely that he won't get at least some major league exposure this year, and when he does it's going to be an event.

You may have heard that Noah Syndergaard's nickname is Thor. You may also have heard that Marvel is making Thor a woman, but that's probably not relevant to Syndergaard and the Mets have not commented on the rumors. The Norse god of thunder actually has his own holiday, called Thursblot.

Thursblot is a mid-winter holiday typically celebrated on the full moon in January. Thor drives back the frost giants, which allows the seasons to begin to turn towards spring. Much like the Mets have been wallowing in the frigid winter of non-competitiveness, Syndergaard's promotion will represent a turn towards the future and brighter times ahead.

If Thor cannot debut for the Mets against the San Francisco (Frost) Giants in early August, perhaps he can debut on a Thursday (Thor's Day) later on in the month. Whenever it happens, we can be sure that Noah Syndergaard's major league debut will be a special date within the 2014 Mets season.