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This Week in Mets Quotes: Ten years of David Wright, players on their walk up songs

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

While it’s been tough to be a Mets fan the past 10 years, David Wright has always been the silver lining to get through it.

"When it’s all said and done, I want to be able to say I got the most out of my potential. I don’t want to look back, however many years from now, and say, ‘I wonder if I would have worked a little harder. I wonder if I would have done this or done that, how things would have turned out.’ I want to, when it’s all said and done, be able to put my head on my pillow and say, ‘I did everything I could do — good or bad.’" —David Wright [New York Times]

Anthony Recker, Future Restaurant Critic.

"There's always going to be a line, but the barbecue is amazing. It's not far from downtown. The burnt ends are freaking awesome, the burnt end sandwich, amazing. The ribs are really good, too. Pulled pork. Everything. They've won a ton of awards. It's awesome." —Anthony Recker regarding Pappy's Smokehouse [Wall Street Journal]

David Wright, future general manager.

"I do think in the very near future that we’re going to be to the point where we are a piece or two away. With that being said, Sandy [Alderson], has got a tough job because, yeah, I’m sure we’re interested, but I’m sure there’s 29 other teams that are interested, also. It’s going to be a tough call when we do get to the point, which I think is very soon, of what are you willing to give, because [the Rockies] are not going to be giving these guys away. What are you willing to give to obtain that? And that is kind of an open-ended question." —David Wright [New York Post]

If the guy that has been carrying this franchise for years can display patience, you’d hope the fans could too.

"Going into this season you knew patience was going to be a virtue. Going into this I knew it was going to be a challenge and a challenge for the organization. It’s fair to say that we made strides in the right direction, we’ll continue to make strides in the right direction with what we have here and what we have coming, whether it’s trades or free agency." —David Wright [New York Daily News]

Duda crushing both baseballs and canned quotes lately.

"That was nice, Zack pitched a great game, I am glad we could pick him up as a team. It was great job by Mejia to shut the door." —Lucas Duda [New York Daily News]

Well this explains why it seems like every second or third batter gets on base every save.

"[Frankie Rodriguez] always told me getting the first guy that was the key to being a good closer. And I didn’t want to hear it, because I wanted to be a starter, but he always told me I could be a good reliever. Maybe he’s right." —Jenrry Mejia [New York Daily News]

He added, ‘Also, if you look at my underlying numbers, I was due for some statistical regression.’

"The ball is just not coming out right the last couple of starts. Those last couple of innings it was funny. I was like, ‘Well, they’re hitting everything, so let’s just throw it slower.’ I was just like, ‘Let’s see if they can hit a B.P. fastball.’ And then I started getting guys out, so it was just a weird night." —Dillion Gee [New York Post]

I’m not a doctor, but that might not be a good sign.

"Everything’s fine. I don’t feel anything." —Ruben Tejada [New York Times]

Kind of looks like he already ‘figured it out.’

"This guy [Jacob deGrom] is going to figure it out, and he’s going to be tough, really somebody to deal with in the future. He’s gotten his opportunity and he’s made the most of it." —Terry Collins [New York Post]

Waiting on TNO for a grammar ruling.

"With a lot of lefties in the lineup it was a good night to have my changeup real good." —Jacob deGrom [New York Post]

Too bad I hear that Thor’s curveball will never be a plus pitch.

"For the most part, I attacked hitters. I was trying to be a little unpredictable. I threw quite a bit of my curveball. I threw some pretty good curveballs, and some ended up out of the strike zone. Even though it wasn't for a strike, it showed the hitter I wasn't afraid to throw a breaking pitch in certain counts." —Noah Syndergaard []

For a guy that caused a lot of debate during spring training, Dice-K was having a nice year and this is a shame.

"[Daisuke Matsuzaka] is not going to be back in the 15 days. The inflammation in the elbow needs to really subside to get a better idea of what’s going on. I think there will at least be seven to 10 days without throwing, then we’ll have more to say after that." —Terry Collins [New York Daily News]

This might be the most important article written this year.

"'The Right Stuff' by New Kids on the Block. Just because of the play on words with my last name." —David Wright on his walk-up song selection [Newsday]

That’s a great idea, let’s do exactly that.

"It's more about what will make me chuckle. A lot of guys take it very seriously and spend hours upon hours thinking about it. You can tell a lot about a person by what music they come out to." —David Wright [Newsday]

Curtis Granderson – Strives to look original but secretly just wants everyone to like him.

"You need something that no one else is using. And something that is clean enough to play around audiences." —Curtis Granderson on his walk up song "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince [Newsday]

Daniel Murphy – Fears God, but doesn’t fear showing his beliefs.

"Those three [songs] are a quick 20 seconds to talk about what Jesus Christ has done in my life." —Daniel Murphy on his walk up song "The Reason" by Lacey Sturm [Newsday]

Zack Wheeler – Not pumped by 50,000 set of eyes all focused on him, pumped hearing Jimi Hendrix.

"I like something that pumps me up. Some guys, they like it to settle them down, but I like it to get me going." —Zack Wheeler in his walk up song "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix [Newsday]

I’m going to go ahead and rule this a nicely done, subtle troll job by the captain.

"Simply the Best." —David Wright suggestion for DJ3K’s last walk up song [Newsday]

Fucking Shocker.

"I got sick of my walk-up song and decided not to have one." —Brian McCann [Newsday]