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Mets Player Performance Meter: Hitters, Week 16—The Lucas Duda Show

The Mets mostly struggled terribly at the plate over the last ten games, but Lucas Duda did not.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

As a team, the Mets were not good at hitting over the ten games since the All-Star break. They managed a .500 road trip despite that, of course, and for that, they can thank Lucas Duda.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Bobby Abreu, OF At some point, a long string of bad weeks might make Abreu a goner, right? He had a .308 OPS in this one.
Eric Campbell, 1B Everyone’s favorite can of soup put up a picket fence slash line: .111/.111/.111.
Travis d’Arnaud, C While he wasn’t awful, d’Arnaud certainly didn’t hit the way he had been hitting before the break.
Lucas Duda, 1B One of the hottest hitters in baseball, Duda has hit four home runs and batted .286/.390/.657 over the last ten days. He has been the Mets’ best hitter this year.
Wilmer Flores -- Brought back after Ruben Tejada was hit in the head with a fastball, Flores hit just .143/.143/.143 in two games.
Curtis Granderson, OF After a fairly long stretch of very good production, Granderson was subpar at the plate over this week.
Juan Lagares, CF The Mets had some concerns about Lagares’s bat coming into the season, but he started off fairly well. Over this week-plus, however, he hit just .094 with a .167 on-base percentage and zero extra-base hits. Yikes.
Daniel Murphy, 2B With a .723 OPS since the break, Murphy was neither great nor terrible.
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF Hitless in 11 at-bats, Nieuwenhuis drew three walks but struck out seven times before he was optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas.
Anthony Recker, C Travis d’Arnaud might not have had a good week, but in two games, Recker hit zero across the board.
Ruben Tejada, SS With a .136 average and .182 slugging percentage for the week, Tejada’s .345 OBP couldn’t save him from the red arrow here.
David Wright, 3B Having looked good going into the break, Wright has struggled since, hitting just .211/.286/.211.
Chris Young, OF Young’s .807 OPS rated well among his peers on the team, which might not be saying much here, but that level of production would be just fine from a left fielder in 2014.
Eric Young Jr., OF Young struggled at the plate once again, though he at least drew a few walks.