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The Mets' original color scheme was supposed to be pink and black

We've already seen way too much of the Mets wearing black, but pink? Now that is something only the Mercury Mets would think of wearing.

Christopher Pasatieri

After wearing blue and orange for over 50 years, it feels like it always made sense for New York's newest National League franchise to wear the blue of the Dodgers and the orange of the Giants that came before them. It wasn't always supposed to be that way, though. The Mets were originally supposed to wear pink and black.

Where do those colors come from? Intrepid blogger Todd Radom has dug up the answer in a news clipping from May 17, 1961. The original owner of the Mets, Joan Whitney Payson, also owned a horse stable whose riders wore pink and black. Why not color the baseball team's uniforms in similar fashion?

Why not indeed? Although blue and orange look great together and nicely reflect New York baseball history, the Mets would have a much more unique look had they stuck with rose-colored duds. I guess we'll have to stick to wearing pink accessories on Mother's Day until a new expansion franchise attempts to break baseball's pink barrier.