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Mets to donate money to New York State Pavilion restoration

The Pavilion was erected in Flushing for the 1964 World's Fair.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure some fans would prefer for the Mets to save all their money for free agents and future contract extensions, but the club is doing the local neighborhood a favor by donating a portion of ticket sales to People for the Pavilion. The organization is an advocacy group working for the restoration of the New York State Pavilion, which opened in Flushing in 1964 in time for the World's Fair.

1964, was of course, the same year that Shea Stadium hosted its first Mets baseball game.

The Pavilion has not been in the best shape of its life lately, but fans can help out by buying tickets for this Friday's game on Five dollars from each sale through the website will go towards the restoration of the Pavilion, which was recently registered as a national treasure.

In addition to the satisfaction of doing a good deed, fans who buy tickets through the link above will get a t-shirt with the Men In Black spaceships on it. Bernard Gilkey not included.