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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 75: The Mets' season might be slipping away

In which we manage to talk about this Mets team for quite a while.

Run time: 2:03:00

In the Frankie Rodriguez edition of the podcast, Rob and I work methodically, as Rodriguez almost always did, though we assure you that this podcast won't give you anxiety like he did. We talk about the Mets' recent struggles, and Rob might be giving up on his 2014-1969 comparison. What would the narrative be if the Mets were 20-10 in one-run games instead of the inverse? And then we talk plenty about trade speculation, the state of offense and pitching in today's game as it relates to trade rumors, and the Mets' strategy of collecting a ton of pitching at a time when pitching is good throughout baseball. There's plenty more, and, of course, we answer your emails.

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