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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 79: Tulo and the TRAID deadline

Just trade for Troy Tulowitzki and everything will be okay,

Run Time: 1:22:47

In the "There's always money for Tulo in the banana stand edition," Jeffrey and Greg are contractually obligated to talk about the Troy Tulowitzki trade rumors, since they clearly aren't going away. We point out that the Mets prospects have their flaws too, and uh, probably aren't turning into 5-win players before discussing potential Carlos Gonzalez and Bartolo Colon deals as well. Then we take your e-mails. We'll ponder how excited you should be about Dilson Herrera (reasonably!), what the ideal Sand Alderson hitter looks like, and whether Noah Syndergaard will see any major league time this year. Jeffrey is also called out to defend his ambivalence towards the Alderson regime. Finally, we wrap things up with soccer talk.

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