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Mets trade rumors: Mets weighing options, but will probably be quiet at the trade deadline

The trade deadline is tomorrow, but the Mets don't have too many irons in the fire.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With the trade deadline fast approaching, the Mets are in an interesting position where they could theoretically still be buyers and sellers. Sandy Alderson has recently said that the team may end up staying as is by tomorrow afternoon, but the deadline has a way of quickening the speed of deals.

Adam Rubin reports that no talks are beyond the early stages, but that there may be a deal the Mets are seeking that could be of interest to fans.

There is one "intriguing" scenario in which the Mets could acquire an outfielder who would remain under control at least through 2015. But the source suggested that is even less likely to materialize than trading [Bartolo] Colon. The source said it was too sensitive, and probably premature, to identify the player or team right now.

Things are quiet on the Mets front for now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll stay that way. The next 27 hours may well be interesting and it would hardly come as a surprise to hear a bit more noise surrounding the Mets as the trade deadline draws closer.

Even if tomorrow’s deadline passes without a deal for the Mets, they could still broker a trade in August. Alderson took advantage of the August 31 waiver trade deadline last season, sending Marlon Byrd and John Buck to the Pirates on August 27, netting Dilson Herrera and Vic Black in return.

Don’t be shocked if he tries to do the same sort of thing this year.