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Mets Trade Rumors: Terry Collins expects uneventful trade deadline

The manager believes tomorrow's trade deadline will pass without his club making any moves.

Rich Schultz

Manager Terry Collins joined Sandy Alderson's quest to quell fans' expectations by reiterating the Mets' likeliness of standing pat. Shortly after Alderson predicted nothing will happen before Thursday's trade deadline, Collins took a similar stance when speaking to's Anthony DiComo.

Two days after general manager Sandy Alderson said the Mets are "unlikely" to make any moves prior to the Deadline, Collins said he plans to continue focusing on "who we have and what we have" -- and nothing else.

"Right now, I'm not caught up in it," Collins said Wednesday afternoon. "I'm really not. I look at our team, our clubhouse, I'm going to see a lot of similar faces when we come in here on Friday. I don't see a lot of movement. I'm not caught up in anything."

Earlier today, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reported that any blockbuster for the Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez will "likely have to wait for the winter." Since the Mets aren't buying, the onus turns to which established players they may sell.

The two biggest names in question are Daniel Murphy and Bartolo Colon. While the All-Star second baseman has become too important to their offense, the 41-year-old starting pitcher could fall from favor if their young surplus of arms pan out and remain healthy.

As a manager for an underwhelming New York team, Collins of course prefers a major leaguer who delivers immediate production. But for Alderson to echo those thoughts about maintaining the status quo, the market interest in Colon must be microscopic.

In terms of trading, the Mets currently find themselves in no man's land. Although they're not a realistic contender this season, they also have enough pieces to think about a 2015 push. For that reason, we'd be wise to heed Collins' premonition of a quiet trade deadline.