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Mets Injury Update: Matt Harvey wants "one inning" in 2014

The rehabbing ace is geared up for a big league return this season.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported earlier today that Matt Harvey will be throwing off a mound in the near future. Although the next step of his recovery from Tommy John surgery will likely depend on how his arm subsequently reacts, Harvey is already thinking one step ahead. The rehabbing ace recently told the Post that he is determined to return to the big league mound this season, even if it's just for an inning.

This is not the first time Harvey has personally set an optimistic timetable for his rehab. In March, he declared on Twitter that "2014 Harvey Day will happen," much to the chagrin of his ballclub. Harvey was immediately told to delete the tweet, while Sandy Alderson later confirmed with reporters that Harvey would not pitch in 2014. The Mets even intentionally backed off Harvey's rehab in June, citing he's progressing too fast. Similarly, the Mets will likely continue to take it slow with their ace in this later stage of rehab.

While it's good to hear that Harvey's recovery is on the right track, there is absolutely no rush to get him back on the mound this season whether or not the Mets are in playoff contention. If the doctors do indeed give Harvey the green light, getting him one inning out of the bullpen in September is perfectly fine, especially if it helps getting that mental block out of this head. But if he's not ready, there is no reason for either Harvey or the Mets to force the issue.