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This Week in Mets Quotes: Collins adjusts the goal posts, Anna Benson on life and Target or something

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Justin K. Aller

Oh good, another wins goal.

"We’re hanging in there. As I told the guys the other day, ‘Listen, we’ve just got to push through the All-Star break, go into the break on a positive note. … We have like 15 games before the break. Let’s go 10-5. Let’s not get crazy. Hopefully you get really hot, but let’s just go 10-5, go into the break close and then, coming out of the break, everybody will be rested. We’ll be healthy, Dillon [Gee] will be back and now let’s take off after that.’" —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Never change who you are, BartYOLO.

"I just think that because I've already gone against them once, they probably prepared. They knew what I was coming with. ... I'm trying not to look too much into it. I just had a bad inning. Now, I'm just going to have to prep for the next one. I'm not going to change anything up in terms of what I do." —Bartolo Colon [ESPN]

Alright, except maybe this.

"[Colon] just left a few pitches over the middle of the plate. They were putting good swings on it and they were finding holes." —Travis d’Arnaud [ESPN]

No one show Niese any FanGraphs articles related to when pitcher’s velocities tend to stabilize.

"I think my velocity is not where I want it to be. But I think that will come. I think that the All-Star break and with rest, that will come. I’ve been able to have a lot more control than in years’ past and been able to put it where I want it a lot more." —Jon Niese [ESPN]

David Wright: Habitual Reformed Liar

"First of all, I absolutely salute [Wright] for coming in and saying something today. That's not David Wright, as you know, with what he did with the back a couple of years ago, with what he did last year with the leg, when he just plays through stuff. … He said, 'I don't want to do what I did with the leg, but can I try it anyway?' And I said, 'I don't think so.'" —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Personally, I think Dice-K could’ve cared a bit more and is being way too easy on himself.

"I didn't have my best stuff today, but I just wanted to fight through and just give it my all today. Regarding that pitch, I actually shook off d'Arnaud. It ended up being a big mistake. I need to apologize to him about it. ... The result ended up being the worst possible result. It's really regretful." —Daisuke Matsuzaka [ESPN]

The problem with this team is shortstops. We have too many shortstops.

"This is a good chance for Ruben to realize he's the guy. Now take it and run with it." Terry Collins [ESPN]

"We all like Wilmer a lot and he proved he can play shortstop in the major leagues here. For him to be the kind of player we all expect him to be, he's got to play. He's got to be in the lineup. And he's not getting a chance to be in the lineup. His bat, which everybody says is going to be the thing that's going to make him special, he's got to get at-bats to stay consistent." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

He added, ‘just not as good as Duda.’

"It's totally different [playing the Mets again.] Obviously I'm a Pirate now. It's not new. Now it's just playing them again. I've had some good weeks and some bad weeks. Overall, I'm playing all right." —Ike Davis [ESPN]

Well, he’s 0-for-1 so far, so it’s going to be close.

"I'm hoping that last start gets [Wheeler] going to where four out of five can be like that." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Snark aside, hope she actually learned something and that we never hear from her again.

"Everything is great. I’m happy with the simplest things. I bought a flower today at the grocery store– an orchid– and it’s so pretty and I appreciate it so much, because I remember being in jail and not having anything–nothing that smelled good, no music, no nothing–and I’m just thrilled to be in this small apartment, living a normal life…I’m shopping at regular stores like Target, Macy’s and Marshall’s. And you know what? I’m happy. I’m really happy. I didn’t need all of that shit. All of that stuff was just a facade. That was not me." —Anna Benson [Fox News]

AA Quotes of the Week

"Chris Young watched the first season of The Wire said, 'It’s OK I guess.'" —Manic McReynolds

"Chris Young Thinks Dickey is a terrible pitcher!" —LSUtoast

"Chris Young casts 50 ASG votes for Pablo Sandoval every summer." —Manic McReynolds

"Chris Young used a red lazer pointer on Luis Castillo to make him drop that ball" —allhailharvey

"Chris Young's favorite thing about World Cup soccer is the flopping." —Manic McReynolds

"Chris Young prefers Domino's Pizza to Di Fara" —Russ

"Chris Young is rooting for Germany right now" —Sitebot'sGrisson

"Chris Young made his Sim go into the pool and then took the ladder away" —Steve Sypa

"Chris Young cheers for the Philies, and loves Jimmy Rollins' playful antics" —Jeffrey Litt

"Chris Young Liked Mumford and Sons older stuff – during his bachelor days." —Afro_Tom