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Mets injury update: Matt Harvey throws off a mound, still wants to pitch in 2014

The Mets' ace threw fifteen pitches from a mound-like surface.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Harvey was finally able to throw off of a mound on Friday, his first time doing so since having Tommy John surgery in October. The 25-year-old has been itching to pitch since June, but was revved up a bit by the organization with doctors giving him permission to throw off of a mound next week. Reports later surfaced that he was “tentatively” scheduled to throw today.

Harvey threw 15 pitches from a mound-like surface today, but his training program will ramp up on Tuesday.

Being able to throw off the mound is a very encouraging sign for Harvey at this stage in the rehab process. He may have wanted to be at this point in June, but it’s nice to see him start throwing off a mound again. His determination and will to throw in the majors this season hasn’t waned, though.

Harvey’s optimism and perseverance are very well appreciated, but it seems like there is absolutely no chance he will return this season. Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins don’t believe that he’ll pitch in 2014, and they don’t have a plan for him to do so this year. The fall instructional league would take place from late September to October.

A plan preaching patience has been Alderson’s number-one priority in keeping Harvey healthy in the recovery process. Having him 100 percent for spring training next season is important for the Mets as they seek to have him ready to pitch a full season. That seems to be the best course of action for now as fans wait for the return of #HarveyDay.