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This Week in Mets Quotes: Terry Collins on Hernias, Thor on WFAN, Smoltz gives Wheeler advice

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Hunter Martin

Hernias are the new market inefficiency.

"The doctors have said he can pitch. As long as his arm feels fine, he can pitch. ... R.A. Dickey won a Cy Young with a hernia." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Great attitude, now we just need performance to back it up.

"I learned very much in the little time I was in MLB. I hope to stay up the rest of my career. I have worked hard to be here. I'm coming off two very good starts. I feel like I'm in my best physical form of the whole year." —Rafael Montero [Twitter]

Please don’t make that change coming out after the fifth.

"That’s starting to get kind of old, coming out after the sixth. I’m going to have to change something up." —Zack Wheeler [ESPN]

Last time we were just messing around with him.

"We brought him up for a purpose this time." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

With Duda hitting so well, reporters are going to have to get used to these kinds of quotes.

"Not really. I really don’t put too much into it. It is what it is." —Lucas Duda regarding Collins testing him against LHP [ESPN]

Can you start promising every pitcher you’re going to save the game.

"Two outs and man on third, I said, 'Oh, God, I promised it to him. I need to save this game. I don’t want Bartolo to get mad. I want to save this game." —Jenrry Mejia [ESPN]

Everyone who watches Bartolo Colon feels the same way.

"I just liked to watch Pedro Martinez. But I never watched Bartolo Colon. But now, I've been with Bartolo Colon and I feel very happy." —Jenrry Mejia [ESPN]

Well deserved.

"I feel really happy to be in that category." —Bartolo Colon on joining fellow countrymen Juan Marichal and Pedro Martinez with 200 wins. [ESPN]

No, you can go ahead and say ‘struggling.’

"It’s easy to talk about the shoulda, woulda couldas when you’re struggling. I shouldn’t say struggling -- things aren’t going well. I’m at the point now where my stuff is back. My arm feels great. I’m not very consistent hitting my spots. I’m just having a couple bad innings where I give up two or three runs." —Jon Niese [ESPN]

This does not sound promising.

"No pitcher wants to go out there and pitch with a sore shoulder. You’ve got to figure out a way to make the arm feel better. And I did. But now I just have to figure out how to locate my pitches." —Jon Niese [ESPN]

He’s a Philly, put your hat back on.

"I didn’t want to throw a fastball, because if [Howard] hit my fastball, that was a bad pitch. I had to throw a breaking pitch. He got it. I don’t know how he got it, but he got it, and I take my hat off. Good job." —Jenrry Mejia [New York Post]

John Smoltz helping Mets pitchers, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!

"I’m very proud of Zack. I have to give a little credit to John Smoltz. When we were in Atlanta [June 30 to July 2], we talked to him a little bit. We all had a conversation. [Wheeler] has kind of followed through with it. There are some positive things happening. I do give credit to John for a couple of comments he made to him. Really pumped him up. And he’s been outstanding since." —Dan Warthen [New York Post]

While Thor isn’t ready for the majors…

"I don’t feel like I’m ready quite yet, but if I were to get the call tomorrow, I would find a way to get the job done, somehow." —Noah Syndergaard [New York Daily News]

…he is ready for WFAN.

"It is kind of challenging sometimes, because playing in New York, they have all these expectations. The fan base, they can love you, and then the next start wouldn’t live up to their expectations, and they will shun you for that. So (paying attention to that) is something I’ve tried to stay away from." —Noah Syndergaard [New York Daily News]

We kind of need to beat every team.

"We needed to beat this team." —Carlos Torres on the Nationals [New York Daily News]

I wouldn’t call finally cutting dead weight ‘lucky.’

"I thought the guy who went in did pretty good. Yeah, it’s tough to take (Lagares) out, but the reason we can, the other guy (Nieuwenhuis) is real good. We’re really lucky he is here right now." —Terry Collins [New York Daily News]

Hate to say this but these quotes are starting to mirror Jason Bay quotes.

"I’ve made some mistakes this year, revamping some things with my swing that I probably shouldn’t mess with. Especially after the All-Star break I started trying to change things when I didn’t get the results I wanted. Pretty soon you’re trying something new every at-bat and thinking about all the wrong things." —David Wright [New York Daily News]

Virginian Smack Talk.

"Instead of realizing there are going to be times during the season when you’re going to have a hiccup and you need to ride it out, I was too quick to make adjustments, and you get to the point where you can’t remember what it felt like when you were going good." —David Wright [New York Daily News]

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