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Mets injury news: David Wright leaves game with muscle spasms in 3rd

The captain, trying to play through a sore shoulder, gets another setback to his health.

Stephen Dunn

David Wright's struggles this year have been well documented. In the midst of those struggles has been a chronically sore shoulder, which he continued to insist was fine, to both Terry Collins and the media.

However, in today's game against the Dodgers, Wright had to exit, the reasons of which weren't clear at first.

Moments later, the team tweeted this:

Eric Campbell took the third baseman's place in the lineup.

We aren't sure of the causes of those spasms, and won't know for certain until he has had a chance to be examined by team doctors. Hopefully this latest development in his ongoing health isn't serious and can possibly uncover the reasons that his production has dipped so dramatically in 2014, giving him the opportunity to finally get healed up and as close to 100% as he can be for the 2015 season.