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Mets might consider Travis d'Arnaud in left field

The catcher has a history of concussions, and the Mets have floated the idea of protecting him from more.

Mike Stobe

Mets manager Terry Collins suggested that the team might consider playing Travis d'Arnaud in left field, particularly because of concerns about d'Arnaud concussion history, according to a report from Andy Martino in the Daily News. The 25-year-old catcher, who has hit very well since he returned from a stint in Las Vegas earlier this year, has been concussed four known times in his career, per the report.

Martino mentions the Mets' need for power in the outfield as one factor in toying with the idea, though it would be pretty disappointing if the Mets went that route instead of acquiring an outfield bat from outside the organization this winter. On the season, d'Arnaud has hit .230/.292/.399 with 12 home runs in 343 plate appearances, and the power has been on display since he returned to the big leagues. He has hit nine of those twelve home runs over that span.