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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 85: Nothing in this podcast should be construed as legal advice

"That's why you're the host, and I'm the law-talking guy."

Run Time: 1:37:16

In the "We should really be watching Jacob deGrom instead" edition, Jeffrey and Greg made the mistake of scheduling their host segments while Jacob deGrom was breaking records and stuff. So get ready for short and disjointed commentary on the Mets dashed playoff dreams, stompgate, and how being a Mets fan is kind of icky now. Fortunately we have a couple guests to do the heavy lifting. First, Jay Jaffe of talks about various Mets Hall of Fame cases. When will Mike Piazza get in? Will David Wright get in? And is there any hope for John Olerud? Then, Jason Wojciechowski of Beaneball and Baseball Prospectus is here to discuss the Castergine lawsuit in more lawyerly detail. And of course, we wrap things up with your e-mails, wherein Jeffrey threatens to quit #MetsTwitter again.

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