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Final Score: Mets 14, Reds 5—So many dingers

The Mets obliterated the free-falling Reds in Cincinnati.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets hit five home runs, scored fourteen runs, and beat the Reds with ease this evening. Bartolo Colon pitched a pretty good game, too, as he went seven innings and gave up two runs—one in the first and one in the second, but nothing else after that—and threw just 85 pitches.

Here’s the quick rundown of all those runs:

  • Travis d’Arnaud singled in a run in the first.
  • Curtis Granderson doubled in the first to make it 2-0.
  • Lucas Duda walked with the bases loaded in the third.
  • d’Arnaud hit a three-run home in the fourth.
  • Wilmer Flores hit a solo home run in the fifth.
  • Granderson hit a three-run home run in the sixth.
  • David Wright double in a run in the seventh.
  • Dilson Herrera hit a solo home run in the eighth.
  • Lucas Duda hit a two run-bomb in the ninth.

The Reds scored once more against Buddy Carlyle in the eighth, and they scored twice more against Erik Goeddel in the ninth. But nobody really noticed those runs.

GameThread Roll Call

Nice job by amazins8669; his effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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