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Mets beat writers talking about beat writing

More interesting than it sounds!

Aww yeah.
Aww yeah.

Here's a fun little video from SNY featuring a number of Mets beat writers talking about what it's like to be a reporter for the team. It's a tough gig, and these guys (and gal!) spend about as much time away from home as the players do, sleeping in hotels and eating lots of take-out food, all for a chance to talk to Anthony Recker wearing gym shorts.

Some questions:

  1. Which beat writer is the snappiest dresser?
  2. Who would win in a fight between Anthony DiComo and Jared Diamond?
  3. Who was DiComo talking about when he said that some beat writers "don't like each other"?
  4. How many hair ties do you think Tom Rohan goes through in a season?