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Mets' 2015 schedule released

The Amazins will open up the season at Nationals Park in Washington on Monday, April 6.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The tentative Mets' 2015 schedule has been released. The team begins next season on the road against the Washington Nationals on April 6 and will head to Atlanta for three games from April 10 through 12 before playing in Queens. They will play the home opener at Citi Field against the Phillies on April 13. The season starts with 16 straight games against National League East opponents.

In total, the Mets will play each NL East opponent 19 times, with 10 games each in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and the Marlins and Nationals visiting Queens 10 times apiece.

The Mets will face the AL East in interleague play. They will play the Orioles four times, twice at home (May 5-6) and twice on the road (August 18 and 19), the Rays three times in Tampa Bay (August 7-9), the Red Sox three times at home (August 28-30), and the Blue Jays four times (June 15-16 at home, June 17-18 in Toronto). They will play the Yankees six times, with three games in the Bronx (April 24-26) and three games in Queens (September 18-20).

Here's the full schedule:

Date Opponent Time
Mon, 4/6 at Nationals TBD
Wed, 4/8 at Nationals TBD
Thu, 4/9 at Nationals TBD
Fri, 4/10 at Braves 7:35p
Sat, 4/11 at Braves 7:10p
Sun, 4/12 at Braves 1:35p
Mon, 4/13 Phillies TBD
Tue, 4/14 Phillies TBD
Wed, 4/15 Phillies TBD
Thu, 4/16 Marlins TBD
Fri, 4/17 Marlins TBD
Sat, 4/18 Marlins TBD
Sun, 4/19 Marlins TBD
Tue, 4/21 Braves TBD
Wed, 4/22 Braves TBD
Thu, 4/23 Braves TBD
Fri, 4/24 at Yankees TBD
Sat, 4/25 at Yankees TBD
Sun, 4/26 at Yankees TBD
Mon, 4/27 at Marlins TBD
Tue, 4/28 at Marlins TBD
Wed, 4/29 at Marlins TBD
Thu, 4/30 Nationals TBD
Fri, 5/1 Nationals TBD
Sat, 5/2 Nationals TBD
Sun, 5/3 Nationals TBD
Tue, 5/5 Orioles TBD
Wed, 5/6 Orioles TBD
Fri, 5/8 at Phillies 7:05p
Sat, 5/9 at Phillies 7:05p
Sun, 5/10 at Phillies 1:35p
Mon, 5/11 at Cubs TBD
Tue, 5/12 at Cubs TBD
Wed, 5/13 at Cubs TBD
Thu, 5/14 at Cubs TBD
Fri, 5/15 Brewers TBD
Sat, 5/16 Brewers TBD
Sun, 5/17 Brewers TBD
Mon, 5/18 Cardinals TBD
Tue, 5/19 Cardinals TBD
Wed, 5/20 Cardinals TBD
Thu, 5/21 Cardinals TBD
Fri, 5/22 at Pirates TBD
Sat, 5/23 at Pirates TBD
Sun, 5/24 at Pirates TBD
Mon, 5/25 Phillies TBD
Tue, 5/26 Phillies TBD
Wed, 5/27 Phillies TBD
Fri, 5/29 Marlins TBD
Sat, 5/30 Marlins TBD
Sun, 5/31 Marlins TBD
Mon, 6/1 at Padres TBD
Tue, 6/2 at Padres TBD
Wed, 6/3 at Padres TBD
Thu, 6/4 at D-backs TBD
Fri, 6/5 at D-backs TBD
Sat, 6/6 at D-backs TBD
Sun, 6/7 at D-backs TBD
Tue, 6/9 Giants TBD
Wed, 6/10 Giants TBD
Thu, 6/11 Giants TBD
Fri, 6/12 Braves TBD
Sat, 6/13 Braves TBD
Sun, 6/14 Braves TBD
Mon, 6/15 Blue Jays TBD
Tue, 6/16 Blue Jays TBD
Wed, 6/17 at Blue Jays 7:07p
Thu, 6/18 at Blue Jays 7:07p
Fri, 6/19 at Braves 7:35p
Sat, 6/20 at Braves 7:10p
Sun, 6/21 at Braves 5:10p
Tue, 6/23 at Brewers 8:10p
Wed, 6/24 at Brewers 8:10p
Thu, 6/25 at Brewers 2:10p
Fri, 6/26 Reds TBD
Sat, 6/27 Reds TBD
Sun, 6/28 Reds TBD
Tue, 6/30 Cubs TBD
Wed, 7/1 Cubs TBD
Thu, 7/2 Cubs TBD
Fri, 7/3 at Dodgers TBD
Sat, 7/4 at Dodgers TBD
Sun, 7/5 at Dodgers TBD
Mon, 7/6 at Giants TBD
Tue, 7/7 at Giants TBD
Wed, 7/8 at Giants TBD
Fri, 7/10 D-backs TBD
Sat, 7/11 D-backs TBD
Sun, 7/12 D-backs TBD
Fri, 7/17 at Cardinals 8:15p
Sat, 7/18 at Cardinals TBD
Sun, 7/19 at Cardinals 2:15p
Mon, 7/20 at Nationals TBD
Tue, 7/21 at Nationals TBD
Wed, 7/22 at Nationals TBD
Thu, 7/23 Dodgers TBD
Fri, 7/24 Dodgers TBD
Sat, 7/25 Dodgers TBD
Sun, 7/26 Dodgers TBD
Tue, 7/28 Padres TBD
Wed, 7/29 Padres TBD
Thu, 7/30 Padres TBD
Fri, 7/31 Nationals TBD
Sat, 8/1 Nationals TBD
Sun, 8/2 Nationals TBD
Mon, 8/3 at Marlins TBD
Tue, 8/4 at Marlins TBD
Wed, 8/5 at Marlins TBD
Fri, 8/7 at Rays TBD
Sat, 8/8 at Rays TBD
Sun, 8/9 at Rays TBD
Mon, 8/10 Rockies TBD
Tue, 8/11 Rockies TBD
Wed, 8/12 Rockies TBD
Thu, 8/13 Rockies TBD
Fri, 8/14 Pirates TBD
Sat, 8/15 Pirates TBD
Sun, 8/16 Pirates TBD
Tue, 8/18 at Orioles 7:05p
Wed, 8/19 at Orioles 7:05p
Fri, 8/21 at Rockies 8:40p
Sat, 8/22 at Rockies 8:10p
Sun, 8/23 at Rockies 4:10p
Mon, 8/24 at Phillies 7:05p
Tue, 8/25 at Phillies 7:05p
Wed, 8/26 at Phillies 7:05p
Thu, 8/27 at Phillies 7:05p
Fri, 8/28 Red Sox TBD
Sat, 8/29 Red Sox TBD
Sun, 8/30 Red Sox TBD
Mon, 8/31 Phillies TBD
Tue, 9/1 Phillies TBD
Wed, 9/2 Phillies TBD
Fri, 9/4 at Marlins TBD
Sat, 9/5 at Marlins TBD
Sun, 9/6 at Marlins TBD
Mon, 9/7 at Nationals TBD
Tue, 9/8 at Nationals TBD
Wed, 9/9 at Nationals TBD
Thu, 9/10 at Braves 7:10p
Fri, 9/11 at Braves 7:35p
Sat, 9/12 at Braves 7:10p
Sun, 9/13 at Braves 1:35p
Mon, 9/14 Marlins TBD
Tue, 9/15 Marlins TBD
Wed, 9/16 Marlins TBD
Fri, 9/18 Yankees TBD
Sat, 9/19 Yankees TBD
Sun, 9/20 Yankees TBD
Mon, 9/21 Braves TBD
Tue, 9/22 Braves TBD
Wed, 9/23 Braves TBD
Thu, 9/24 at Reds TBD
Fri, 9/25 at Reds TBD
Sat, 9/26 at Reds TBD
Sun, 9/27 at Reds TBD
Tue, 9/29 at Phillies 7:05p
Wed, 9/30 at Phillies 7:05p
Thu, 10/1 at Phillies 7:05p
Fri, 10/2 Nationals TBD
Sat, 10/3 Nationals TBD
Sun, 10/4 Nationals TBD