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Mets Morning News: Are the Mets close to moving Dillon Gee?

Your Tuesday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

There's still some interest in Dillon Gee, as several teams have reached out to the Mets.

That the Mets turned down a trade for Ian Desmond shows the team's owners are still unwilling to spend money, writes Howard Megdal.

Bill Price says that the Mets are not trading Noah Syndergaard, and that presents a conundrum.

John Delcos says that the Mets were right to not trade for Ian Desmond.

The Eddie Kranepool Society recaps the Queens Baseball Convention.

Fangraphs released their ZiPS projection for the Mets, and Mets fans might not be happy.

The Mets enjoyed—or in Zack Thornton's case, probably didn't enjoy—the college football title game last night:

Around the NL East

Mike Rizzo gave an update on the Nationals offseason.

Braves fans want to know, "what will it be like watching a bad team?" I'm sure Mets fans can give some advice.

The Marlins have some interest in Will Venable and Andy Dirks.

Around the Majors

Former Mets manager Willie Randolph was disappointed that the Yankees didn't hire him as a coach.

Friend of the program Eno Sarris takes a look at whether or not Pedro Martinez really did have the best fastball, changeup, and curve at the same time.

Craig Calcaterra says that we need some perspective on the "baseball is slow" argument.

In anticipation of their new book, Dan Levitt begins the countdown of the best twenty-five general managers of all-time.

Dave Cameron writes about generational baseball, and the stories we have about becoming fans.

Jeff Sullivan tries to tackle the quantification of team depth.

Yesterday at AA

Josh Barnes wonders just how productive Kirk Nieuwenhuis can be off the bench.

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