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Murphy, Gee, Duda, Mejia, Tejada file for arbitration

The raises could amount to $10 million if the Mets don't settle.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Mets have come to terms with Bobby Parnell on a deal that avoids the arbitration process, there are five more players who are filing in the hopes of getting paid more money in 2015.

The MLBPA announced today that Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy, Jenrry Mejia, Dillon Gee, and Ruben Tejada have filed for arbitration.

If the players in question aren't settled with or traded before February, they'll likely enter arbitration hearings to determine 2015 salary.

Here's a breakdown of the five players' current and projected salaries:

Player 2014 Salary Projected 2015 Salary Difference
Daniel Murphy $5.7 million $8.3 million $4.6 million
Dillon Gee $3.6 million $5.1 million $1.5 million
Lucas Duda $1.6 million $4.3 million $2.7 million
Jenrry Mejia $0.5 million $3.1 million $2.6 million
Ruben Tejada $1.1 million $1.7 million $0.6 million
Total $12.5 million $22.5 million $10 million

According to the projected salaries (via MLB Trade Rumors), giving raises to all five players will cost around $10 million. That's the equivalent of bringing in a mid-level free agent. Of course, if the Mets finally pull off a Gee trade, the team could save around a fifth of that total.