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Mets players charged to attend offseason workouts

Proof once more that the Wilpons don't have a lot of cash available.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently we've had too much good Mets news lately, because today some LOLMets news arose to put us all back in our place. Florida-based reporter Jon Santucci and Adam Rubin both reported that the team is charging its players as much as $1,000 to attend offseason workouts in Port St. Lucie.

When prompted by a Mets fan named SaltyGary (the billboard guy), Santucci told him that trainer Mike Barwis is being paid by players. Rubin added that an agent told him that the Mets are charging minor league players as much as a grand for workouts  and that it "almost seems like there's a penalty for not attending."

Andrew Vazzano of SNY says the same deal went down last winter. I guess we were just overloaded by LOLMets at that time.

Yesterday we got a peek into what trainer Barwis was doing with Mets players in Florida, and David Wright certainly seemed like a fan. For him $1,000 is pocket change, but for players on the fringe of the 40-man roster, that kind of cash is a bigger deal.

I suppose the principal of the issue is what's most important, though. Should the Mets be charging players for workouts that are all but mandatory? That doesn't seem right. Are the Mets the only team that is doing this? We don't know. Is this negative publicity going to do anything to affect the current ownership? C'mon.