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Keith Law ranks Mets' farm system as fourth-best in baseball

ESPN's scouting guru is still quite fond of New York's youngsters.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

During the last few seasons, the Mets have seen a lot of improvement coming out of their farm system and a lot of stagnation at the major league level. Perhaps this is the year in which that pattern begins to turn around. With a balanced farm system that is one of the best in baseball, Sandy Alderson appears to have the pieces he needs to push the Mets onto the postseason bubble.

Keith Law recently noted as much in his ranking of all 30 farm systems. You need an ESPN Insider subscription to read the whole thing, but here's the Mets excerpt.

They're deep in arms and bats, especially guys who might play in the middle of the diamond or pitch in the top three spots of a major league rotation. They've kept all their prospects while patiently building, but this is probably the year to swap some of their starting pitching prospect depth for a bat.

The Mets are ranked fourth. The only teams above them are the Astros, Twins, and Cubs. While Law's views are not necessarily shared throughout baseball, it's hard to doubt that the Mets have plenty of attractive prospects that they can use to improve the big club. The only reason not to do that? If they're operating like a small market team that can't afford to pay for established players. At least for now, that looks like what is happening.