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Pitch Talks, interactive baseball discussion, coming to New York City next week

The event boasts a lineup of well-known writers and aims for an interactive, casual environment for attendees and panelists alike.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Pitch Talks, an event that occasionally bills itself as "TED talks with grass stains," makes its New York City debut next week—on Wednesday the 14th—at B.B. King's in Manhattan. I recently spoke with Kevin Kennedy, producer of the show and owner of a craft beer bar in Toronto, about the creation and aim of the event and what it's been like so far in Toronto, where it turned into a monthly series.

In short, Kennedy says that while Pitch Talks features a moderated panel, it's as much about those in the audience as it is about those on stage. It will be interesting to see the dynamic play out at the event here in New York, as the event features a panel of renowned baseball writers: Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe, who will moderate, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Buster Olney and Adam Rubin of ESPN, Sweeny Murti of WFAN, Jay Jaffe of SI (here's the episode of Amazin' Avenue Audio where Jay talked about Mike Piazza's Hall candidacy), Tyler Kepner of the Times, and Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog. And Kennedy says the fun thing about the series so far is that the speakers will be more candid than they would typically be from the reader's perspective.