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Amazin' Avenue recognizes our great readers and contributors!

Amazin' Avenue wouldn't be what it is today without our loyal readers and contributors!

Mr. Met is not dissapoint
Mr. Met is not dissapoint
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In the ten years since Amazin' Avenue first appeared on monitors, the website has matured into one of the largest sources for Mets news, analysis and commentary. In fact, traffic has grown nearly 50-fold since those early days! That tremendous growth would not have been possible without you, our loyal viewers. With a healthy combination of exceptional intelligence, twisted humor, and weary cynicism, Amazin' Avenue posters are like no other. User content, in the form of FanPosts, FanShots, and comments, is often on par with the best baseball analysis that the Internet has to offer. As such, we here at Amazin' Avenue would like to recognize certain posters for going above and beyond in 2014.


Name FanPosts Sample FanPost
Ogre39666 38 2014 Amazin’ Avenue Top-30 Community Prospects List
cpins 16 The Myth of the Robotic Strike Zone
bomok 12 One week final draft preview!- The Mets final options!
LSUtoast 11 Carnac Contest is on!!!!
Adam Halverson 10 Quiz I: Can you name the Mets' All-Star Game representatives? (1962-present)
happyhank 9 what to do with Murphy
Dan Lewis 8 Debunking the Mike Piazza steroid myth
amazins8669 7 A Mechanical Look at the Mets Hopeful Future Rotation
kbdabear 7 Should Wins & Losses for pitchers be abolished as a statistic?
StorkFan 6 Ralph Kiner: An Appreciation


Name FanShots Sample FanShot
Bobby Baseball 9 Little kid writes a letter to Jesus asking why the Mets suck
Adam Halverson 9 THE d-TEAM
FlushtownFandom 5 My Suggestion for the Citi Field Dimension Alterations
Steven Festa 4 Fangraphs Mets Prospects Evaluated
JavaJoe 4 We meet again…


Name Comments
MetsFan4Decades 47,039
amazins8669 28,326
Gina 20,482
MookieTheCat 14,982
stickguy 14,642
NateW 13,968
Russ 13,926
JR and the Off-Balance Shots 13,025