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Wilmer Flores leaves Mets' game early with back stiffness

The shortstop was replaced by Ruben Tejada mid-game.

John Sommers II/Getty Images

On top of the pitch that hit Yoenis Cespedes's hand, the Mets had another injury scare last night in Philadelphia. Wilmer Flores was taken out of the game in the fourth inning after after advancing to third base on a wild pitch. Ruben Tejada came in to run for Flores and played the rest of the game.

It was later revealed that Flores had been removed because of back stiffness, not because of a previously-reported illness. Speaking after the game, Flores said that he expects to be ready to play for Friday's game against the Nationals.

While Flores and Cespedes, whose x--rays came back negative, still might miss a few days each, it looks like the Mets dodged a bullet or two here with the playoffs set to begin a week from tomorrow.

A folk hero this year after he was nearly traded to the Brewers as part of a deal for Carlos Gomez, Flores has hit .263/.295/.408 with 16 home runs and a 95 wRC+ for the season.