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Mets playoffs: David Wright's fist-pump déjà vu vs. the Dodgers

If his fist pump last night looked familiar, it's because it's not the first time he's unleashed it in a playoff game against the Dodgers.

David Wright
David Wright
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

After knocking in two insurance runs with the bases loaded in the seventh inning last night against the Dodgers, Mets third baseman David Wright unleashed a hellacious fist pump. It was the stuff of legend, an emotional release representing so many missed opportunities, so many also-ran seasons of recent vintage, so many days and weeks and months lost to injury. It was a fist pump nine years in the making, and it reminded us all what David Wright means to this team and to this franchise and to this fan base.

If this epic fist pump looks familiar, it may be because Wright unleashed a similar explosion of closed-fisted fury the last time the Mets were in the playoffs. More specifically, the last time they were in the NLDS playing a Game 1 against the Dodgers. On October 4, 2006, the Mets held a 2-1 lead at Shea Stadium when Wright came to the plate against Derek Lowe with runners on the corners—Paul Lo Duca on third, Carlos Delgado on first. Wright sliced an opposite-field double that scored both runners and gave the Mets a 4-1 lead. Wright advanced to third on the throw home, and fist-pumped his way into Mets fans' hearts.

Love the Mets. Love David Wright.